Our Story

Dear Two-Legged Friendz,

Thankz for stopping by our website for our yummy hot dog stand! We got to thinking that we should probably fill you all in on how our hot dog biz got started…

Dagwood’s Tail:

It all began one Southwest day when I, a strapping, handsome (and modest!) Greyhound Texan, embarked on a journey to an exotic placed my humanz referred to as “Florida.” There I met two other strapping, though not as handsome, Greyhound brotherz named Edgar and Zippin.

Edgar and Zippin’z Tail:

Although both of us Greyhoundz were perfectly content being wonderful, strapping, and equally as handsome (and modest!) as Dagwood, we were really excited to get a new brother! The three of us became great palz very quickly! Before we knew it, we were on a new adventure - to meet our long-lost big brother in the North! We reached a little town called Lisburn, Pennsylvania, where we met up with our big brother, named Wylie. However, we were a little surprized to find out that our “big” brother was actually a young, tiny, little thing.

Wylie’s Tail

Yeah, yeah, yeah, true, I’m a little and younger Italian Greyhound - but don’t let that fool you, I’m the brain to their brawn, I call the shotz and run the show! I thought us Greyhoundz should do more than just run around, chase thingz, and nap, so I gathered my “little” brotherz and we came up with a great idea!

DEWZ Dogz Takes Off!

Why not start our very own hot dog stand?! We were so excited and got to work, but it didn’t take long until we realized that we would need some help. You see, the humanz that handled all of the paperwork wouldn’t accept our paw printz as legal signatures. That’z when our Uncle Steven and Aunt Deb stepped in to lend their handz (and signatures!) to our cause.

Each of us even created our own version of the best-tasting hot dog! So whether you’re in the mood for Dagwood’z Texas Pork BBQ Dog, Edgar’z Sauerkraut Dog, Zippin’z Hot and Spicy Chilidog, Wylie’z Italian Dog, or something a little more traditional, we invite you to keep coming back and bring your friendz to try our yummy, yummy hot dogz!

And remember, some of the proceedz will go toward helping our fellow dogz and other four-legged friendz.